Avtaar ISO Certification

Avtaar Management Solutions Pvt Ltd (Avtaar India) has multiple capabilities in industrial and precious metals trading and supply, petroleum products and in metallurgical consulting .

Avtaar's skilled teams leverage the highest quality of the world's largest and technologically advanced metals and petroleum products for export to meet global demand for  materials.

Metals Trading Avtaar represents commercial interests in the precious metals markets for gold, silver and platinum where our international presence allows us to meet local customers' needs.

Metal Trading

Metals Import/Export
Avtaar specializes in the sourcing, importing and exporting of high quality ferrous and non-ferrous metals from America, United Kingdom and Europe to Indian, Turkish and Middle Eastern buyers.

Oil and Gas
Avtaar's Carbon Desk offers a range of petroleum products including aviation fuel, a variety of crude oils, diesel and LNG sourced
 from our global network of refiner/suppliers.